If you wish to garden with us this year, please fill out the form below. You will be asked if you have a preference on which garden, which plants you’d like to use, whether you want to garden with us in the Spring session, and other questions. We also require that every gardener agrees to the Application and Release of All Claims and our Garden Guidelines. This is NOT our kids garden club signup. 

One you have registered, you will hear from a staff member, garden director, or volunteer shortly. 

NOTE: Planting days will be different between the Jackson Street Community Garden and Brighton Street Green Space. Once those dates are given to you, please put them on your calendar or let someone in our team know that you cannot make it. 

If you are a Michigan City resident, you are more than welcome to garden with us. But, you can also garden with our friends at the Walker Street Park Community Garden if you’d like to stay closer to home.