About Brighton Street Green Space

The Pax Center is passionate about building just, sustainable, and thriving food systems with those in and out of poverty. Unfortunately, for many in LaPorte County, there is a profound lack of access to and education about nutritional life choices. Community gardens contain the potential to change neighborhoods. Not only do they provide nutritious food to supplement ones weekly diet, they also provide an important third space where others can be known and get to know others. It has the potential to combat hunger, loneliness, and community apathy.

By utilizing the Jackson Street garden space and the Brighton Street Green Space, we will be able to make significant inroads in the availability of fresh produce in economically-depressed neighborhoods. With the Education Resource Center, we will be able to utilize the green space for nutritional education purposes in a way the Jackson Street Community Garden is not able.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How will this project be funded?

    State Street Community Church (and the Pax Center) will be providing significant funds to create this space. We will also be looking for partner organizations and funders to help realize this vision. Grants and other funding sources will be utilized as well.

  • What kinds of features will the green space contain?

    We will run our Kids Garden Club from this space in the future. We will also have individual and family boxes available. There will be a recycled garden, a small urban orchard, a bog, and plenty of beautiful flower gardens. The Education Resource Center is a 35x50ft building that will be able to be utilized for classes on health-related initiatives.

  • What is the timeline for construction?

    The timeline is largely determined by the availability of funds. The first step in this process is to raise funds to demolish the former Lenick’s Dairy building. Once that is demolished, the Education Resource Center will be remodeled. The current budget for those two projects is $200,000-$250,000. If grants are awarded and funds available, our project timeline is to begin demolition in November or December. We are expecting this project to take 2-3 years from start to finish (we rely heavily on volunteers and community support.)

  • How Can I Help?

    We are looking for like-minded people and organizations to become partners. Collaboration is key on these types of projects. If you would like to help partner financially or with your time or just want more information, please contact our President Nate Loucks.


The Brighton Street Green Space is made possible thanks in part to generous support from the Healthcare Foundation of La Porte, American Licorice Company, and State Street Community Church.